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The United States government only works when legal votes are counted and when campaigns follow the law. When the legitimacy of elections is corrupted, our democracy is threatened. While individual states run elections, the FBI plays an important role in protecting federal interests and preventing violations of your constitutional rights.

What is a Federal Election Offense?
     Fraud by the Voter
          Giving false information when registering to vote (such as false              citizenship claims)
          Voting when ineligible to vote
          Voting more than once or using someone else's name to vote
     Fraud by an Elections/Campaign Official
           Changing a ballot tally or engaging in other corrupt behavior as             an election official 
           Providing a voter with money or something of value in                              exchange for voting for a specific candidate or party in a                          federal election
           Threatening a voter with physical or financial harm if they don't             vote a certain way
           Trying to prevent qualified voters from voting by lying about the            time, date or place of an election (voter suppression)
     Campaign Finance Crimes
           Campaign contributions above the legal limit
           Conduit contributions or straw donor schemes
           Contributions from prohibited sources

What is NOT a Federal Election Offense?
     Giving voters a ride to the polls or time off to vote
     Offering voters a stamp to mail an absentee ballot
     Making false claims about oneself or another candidate
     Forging or faking nominating petitions 
     Campaigning too close to the polls
Note: If you are concerned about a possible violation of a state or local election law, contact local law enforcement


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From the board and every alumni member, we wish all the very best and ask you to practice social distancing and stay safe.  We are in this together, and we appreciate our FBI keeping all of us updated.

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Beware of #BlackFriday scams. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Report internet crime and fraud schemes to the #FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at https://t.co/BzusgPNJZs.

Alva Man Sentenced to 87 Months in Federal Prison for Interstate Murder-for-Hire Plot: Vernon Wayne Brock of Alva has been sentenced to serve 87 months in federal prison and pay a $30,000 fine for hiring an individual to commit murder. https://t.co/NiDvHdpYBI

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