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A message from the President

FBIOKCCAAA Members, thank you for hanging with us for the past 600 days or so as the entire world changed. The “new normal” caused our alumni association to skip some meetings and to do some meetings electronically during that time but we’re now coming out of hibernation.

On November 17th, we had a tremendous in-person meeting at Francis Tuttle with a great speaker, former U.S. Attorney Trent Shores. we’ve already lined up former FBI SAC James Finch for our February 16, 2022 meeting. And, we are putting together several “first-time ever” events for the membership.

Please plan to stay with us as a 2022 member. In a few weeks we’ll be sending you membership renewal information and we ask that you continue your membership, plus, ask your fellow graduates from your class to join or rejoin as well.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I can truly say the best is yet to come for you as an FBIOKCCAAA.org member.

–Mike Mayberry


Special Announcement

For two decades now, the Memorial Museum has been a participatory experience – teaching and instilling an understanding of the senselessness of violence. We are pleased to bring in a national thought leader on domestic terrorism to look at what progress America has made, and what still needs to be done. 
Watch online as former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi addresses the FBI’s top priority facing our nation right now – domestic terrorism. He will discuss where we are, and where we are headed as a nation.
Watch online, no registration required.
Please share event with family, friends and on social media!
Monday, February 22, 2021
6:00 – 7:00pm CST



Next Events

Members Can Register for Events In the Alumni Only Section of the Website



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